Automatic Detection of Logical Fallacies

We implemented several online fallacy detectors for you to experiment with sentiment analysis based on Logical Fallacies recognition.

They all use the same AI-based detector.

Make Sense News

Twitter account @Makesensenews1 is posting most triggering piece of news from Australian news media daily so you would know what topic gets most heated response.

  • It analyses all tweets from Australian news agencies.
  • Analyses (check if they contain any logical fallacues) the repplies and comments to those news tweets.
  • And retweets original news twit that contain most toxic concentration of replies.

Alexa Make Sense Skill

You can ask alexa to try to detect logical fallacies in any of your text. Siply ask:

Alexa ask Make Sense check this: To be or not to be - that is the question.

Fallacy Detector Tweet Bot

Twitter bot is checking for logical fallacies in tweets. You forward it a tweet it replies back with detection result.

The Twitter account is @falldetector1

Please read the account description on Twitter for instructions but to put it short:

  • Follow @falldetector1
  • Retweet message you’d like to analyze and add in retweet comment: @falldetector1 #checkthat
  • Wait for the reply

We have a couple more ideas, will let you know soon, stay tuned in, follow our news on twitter: @Makesensenews1 If you think it’d be good to have some special online fallacy detector please let us know.

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