We have published the app in the Android Play Store: Logical Fallacy Detector App

Logical Fallacy Detector App on PlayStore

This screenshot was taken when the app was just published, so download count is just 1.

Detecting Logical Fallacies

The main screen of the app allows to type in any text max 500 letters long. Then after the button Detect is pressed the app sends the text for the analysis to the cloud, receives the detection result with the list of found logical fallacies and shows them under the text.

Logical Fallacy Detector Screenshots

Quick and Detailed Help

If you press icon “?” in the list of detected fallacies, the app will show the short help with the desctiption and example. If you press icon [->] next to “?”, the app will show the detailed description of particular fallacy with the examples from this site.

Short Reference List

From the hamburger menu there is a list of logical fallacies available, (please see the two screens on the top right) with similar functionality and extra option to share it to email, sms, twitter etc.

Things to do:

  • We are still working on proper localization (or localisation depending where you are)
  • Extending list of detectable fallacies
  • Improving detection rate


Your opinion is very important to us.

Please send your feedback and suggestions to tmakesense@gmail.com, rate and review our app on Play Store: Logical Fallacy Detector App