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We haveve selected the top most engaging news articles on Twitter from Australian MSM and prominent journalists. The selection criteria are based on logical fallacies statistics found in the retweets and comments.

Critical Concentration

“Prince Harry should dump his salacious tell-all and rein in Meghan Markle if he wants to honour King Charles, writes Piers Morgan.”

The response to this tweet from Sky News Australia contains approximately 62% of comments that look a lot like fallacious reasoning of any type our detector can recognise. Spread between reasoning type groups:

Logical Fallacies Composition

Meghan Markle is the former actress, in her second marriage married Price Harry, Duke of Sussex, and her official title became Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, at least in UK and Commonwealth. She didn’t form good relationships with the Royal Family, didn’t do lot of duties as the Duchess when she was supposed to. Late queen allowed to retain the titles but not use them.

With the death of the queen a lot of attention has turned to Royal Family and everyone related to them.

Examples of logical fallacies from responses:

The queen has not been buried yet and she’s already flogging her book of lies.

You don’t think this is rather tasteless to write about during the mourning of HM Queen Elizabeth II? The poor lady isn’t in her mausoleum yet and you’re wanting to bash her granddaughter in law. Again. It’s rather disrespectful. But you don’t care. So carry on.

Triggering News

Firing comments with Ad Hominem and Name Calling.

In this reference to the person, name-calling, and identity politics trigger group during last week, the most prominent tweet was from CBS Evening News:

“Voters in Italy appear poised to elect a far-right prime minister tomorrow — Giorgia Meloni, the woman expected to win, leads a neo-fascist movement, reminiscent of Benito Mussolini’s own political party.”

The response contains approximately 35% of comments that look a lot like Ad Hominem Attacks. The spread controversial arguments between logical fallacy groups:

Logical Fallacies Composition

New elections in Italy bringing some new candidates. When left call someone far-right, this someone with decent probability could be central and moderate IRL. MSM do not like such people. And not sure they respect people(voters) decision.

Examples of Argumentum ad Hominem and Argumentum ad Personam from the comments

You are such liars. Give me your definition of fascism?

But I thought you libs were pro women.. ya damn hypocrites

A disgusting comparison but no surprise

Food for Thoughts

In this smart category - where comments max concentration of arguments that look really like Appeal to Ignorance, Reduction to Absurd, Conspiracy Theory, False Dichotomy Fallacy, Fallacy of Composition or Fallacy of Division.

Last week, the most worth reading tweet in this group was from @<!!!>:

“Climate Change and Energy Minister Chris Bowen seems to be ‘wilfully blind’ to the energy crisis in Europe, the United Kingdom and California, says Sky News host Chris Kenny…”

The response contains approximately 5% of comments that look a lot like logical fallacies of the types listed above. The distribution between this and other groups of reasoning types:

Logical Fallacies Composition

Comment why

The example of False Dilemma fallacy from the comments:

But he’s not “willfully blind” to the energy crisis in Australia

Package deal expectations?

Emotional Trigger

Inspiring in comments something that looks really like Appeal to Emotion.

In this Emotional Appeal category last week, the most worth reading tweet was from SkyNews Australia

“Meghan Markle should ‘hang her head in shame’ that it took the death of the Queen for the Duchess of Sussex to reconsider ’trashing the Royal Family’ in her podcast, says The Australian’s media writer Sophie Elsworth.”

The response contains approximately 20% of comments that look a lot like emotional appeals. To compare with other groups:

Logical Fallacies Composition

As already described, the death of the queen fired up a lot of emotions just waiting for the target.

Examples of Appeal to Emotions:

She is a disgusting human being. She shouldn’t be there

Brave young woman defending herself from a nasty old titled lady Oh the shame

Sky and Sophie should hang their heads in shame for this reporting.

Team and Status Quo

Inspiring readers for some arguments that look like contain these logical fallacies Appeal to Popular Opinion, Appeal to Tradition, Appeal to Authority, Hasty Generalization, or Slippery Slope. In this category last week, the most prominent piece of news was from the 9News Australia:

“A majority of Australians are in favour of the nation remaining a monarchy instead of transitioning to a republic, according to the first poll conducted since the death of the Queen.”

The response contains approximately 14% of comments that we would associate with this group. The reasoning types composition:

Logical Fallacies Composition

Left don’t like constitutional monarchy, they prefer Australia to become republic. But majority of people still like current Australia.

Hasty generalizations examples:

The majority of Australians don’t watch 9 news or do channel 9 Polls

Bandwagon fallacy examples:

Yeah but the majority of Australians are of European descent! Soo…. yeah.

Nice anecdotal evidence example:

Rubbish, no one asked me.

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