Ad Populum is a Latin word that means “Appeal to Majority” or “Appeal to Popular Belief”. Sometimes it’s also called “Bandwagon Fallacy

The appeal to the majority is simply saying that since most people think or believe a certain way, that that way must be correct. Logically, it is a form of a red herring, in that it is irrelevant how many people believe a certain position. Truth exists outside of popular consent. Many people are susceptible to this type of fallacy because they want to fit in.

Examples of an Appeal to Majority attack

The Ford F-150 is the best-selling truck in America, therefore it is the best truck.

Thinking an argument must be true because it’s popular.

More people prefer the taste of Pepsi to Coca-cola, therefore Pepsi is better than Coke.

McDonald’s is the best fast food restaurant in the world, they have served 100 billion people in the world.

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