How We Choose

We’ve selected the top most engaging news articles on Twitter from Australian news media. The selection criteria are based on logical fallacies statistics found in the retweets and comments.

Critical Concentration

“Far-right militants in Europe and the US are increasingly forming global links and using the coronavirus pandemic to attract anti-vaccine activists and conspiracy theorists to their cause…”

The response contains approximately 40% of comments that look a lot like fallacious reasoning of any type our detector can recognise. Spread between reasoning type groups:

Logical Fallacies Composition

People discussing how guys wearing teeshirts “Fight for Free Speech” and “F..k Antifa” could be called Far-right militants.

Examples of logical fallacies from responses, like guilt by association:

They have documented ties to white supremacist groups.

Triggering News

Inspiring Argumentum Ad Hominem including Personal Attacks and Name Calling incl. bare insults, during last week, the most prominent tweet was

“A loud group has held a rally in support of Donald Trump in Sydney because of the outgoing US president’s strong stance…”

The response contains approximately 29% of comments that look a lot like Ad Hominem Attacks. The spread controversial arguments between logical fallacy groups:

Logical Fallacies Composition

Latest presidential election in the US echoes in Australia in more calm and relaxed way. Probably some expats from the US organised a small meeting.

Examples of Argumentum ad Hominem and Argumentum ad Personam from the comments

Stupid and embarrassing

Of course the Nazi card:

Get these delusional cult members some professional help. Hitler had loyalists too but they weren’t a great idea now, were they?

Food for Thoughts

Inspiring in comments something that looks really like

I this smart argument category last week, the most worth reading tweet was

“Part of Donald Trump’s election fraud claims have related to dead people reportedly casting votes…”

The response contains approximately 7% of comments that look a lot like fallacious reasoning. The distribution between types of reasoning:

Logical Fallacies Composition

Current POTUS Donald Trump claimed these were some names of dead people on the J.Biden list. CNN took 50 names from that list and some of them were alive and didn’t vote, others were dead, and the same, didn’t vote.

The example of True Scotsman fallacy from the comments:

No sane person believed him anyway .

Some strange mix of an Appeal to Tradition, Hasty Generalization and anecdotal evidence

I haven’t got any skin in the game here, but I’ve seen this happen a lot. Why is it not true this time?

Appeal to Emotions

Inspiring in comments something that looks really like Appeal to Emotion.

In this Emotional Appeal category last week, the most worth reading tweet was

“When our cricketers tamper with ball, we hound them for months. But on one of Australia’s truly dark days, we find excuses…”

The response contains approximately 22% of comments that look a lot like fallacious reasoning.

Logical Fallacies Composition

Freelance author writes opinion article about comparison of attitude towards sport celebrities and Afganistan war soldiers. Many amotional words, but the facts could be summarised into

25 of our soldiers are accused of killing civilians

Examples Appeals to Emotion:

They served our country against a barbaric religion! a f…ng religion that people call beautiful peaceful religion! They served to protect us from gutless terrorists that hold innocent people to ransom! To real Australian’s they are hero, shove that up your …

Team and Status Quo

Inspiring readers for some arguments that look like contain these logical fallacies

In this class last week, the most prominent piece of news was

“Sky News host Peta Credlin says it is not the job of health experts to make the decisions or call the shots but rather provide advice to politicians and elected officials…”

The response contains approximately 17% of comments that look a lot like logical fallacies. The reasoning types composition:

Logical Fallacies Composition

In the democracy people elect politicians, and those consult with experts, analysing case from different poin of view, health, economical, etc.

Hasty Generalizations examples:

True but the politicians ought to take heed of what they say and act on it. The health experts are experts. The politicians are largely power hungry ignoramous.

Politicians using health experts to cover there inability to lead and make decisions. Proper leadership would gather broader info from more than just medico’s and manage the situation.

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