We’ve selected for you the most engaging news (tweets) from Australian news media for the week 16 October 2020 - 23 October 2020

How We Choose

We understand them being the most engaging by checking the comments. Those that have comments with logical fallacies of a particular kind. For example, if a comment contains Personal attacks (Argumentum Ad Personam), or Emotional Appeal to Anger we consider this tweet a triggering piece of news, or if it contains False Dichotomy Fallacy, then it’s probably a Food for Thoughts. There are other logical fallacies included into each group, see the group details below.

We prepared a couple of pieces of news for each group: “Triggering”, “Food for Thoughts” and “Team, Status Quo, and Better Life”.

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Triggering News

Inspiring Ad Hominem, Name Calling, and Appeal to Emotion response.

In this group during last week, the two most emotional tweets were

Triggering 1

“Tense scenes are unfolding in Melbourne as police clash with anti-lockdown protesters near the Shrine of Remembrance.”

This tweet received a lot of comments with some good examples of emotional appeals, personal attacks and even name-calling, both towards protesters and police.

The protest happened on Friday the 23rd of October, which is a public holiday in Victoria, it was really big and the topic of the protest is very important.

Triggering 2

“It can make for uncomfortable viewing as the Premier switches from the jovial, matey tone he reserves for male journalists to the barely concealed disdain…”

Some all good name-calling, advices of proper heading for the article but overall very reasonable comments.

The main topic of discussion is behaviour of female journalists who were asking Daniel Andrews some questioins in an uncomfortable way and difference his reaction and attidude towards these journalists and others which happen to be male.

Food for Thoughts

In this group we included pieces of news that inspire comments that looks much like logical fallacies

I this group last week, the two most prominent tweets from Australian media were

Food for Thoughts 1

“Russia suspected of Cold War-style microwave attack on CIA agents …”

Some Consipary Theory references and Reduction to Absurdity examples.

Food for Thoughts 2

“Victoria’s hotel quarantine inquiry has demanded new affidavits from key players…”

This quarantine in Victoria has severely impacted the businesses and lives of ordinary people, they are not happy with quarantine organisation and management by victorian government. Opposition uses these feelings to push for the inquiry.

Team and Status Quo

The last group is inspiring readers for comments that look much like these logical fallacies

In this class during last week two the most noticeable pieces of news were

A Better life for everyone 1

“Experts say Victorians have a one in a million chance of getting the virus, yet five million of us are still locked down…”

People are protesting exactly because of that. Some comments with Appeal to Autority and Slippery Slope examples.

A Better life for everyone 2

“The Wallabies could become the first Australian national team to take a knee for BLM”

Contains Appeal to Antiquity and Slippery Slope, mostly in the tone - do it and people will stop watching you. Or advices to better concentrate on rugby not politics.

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